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We have amazing bubble drinks in Dallas TX.   We also specialize in Thai desserts and snow fluff at our location.  We are located off of Belt line Road and Midway in Addison, TX.  We also make smoothies, milk tea, hot and cold tea, fruit tea, and slushes.  In the winter we make hot beverages that will warm you up.  We aim to please our customers and create new drink combos every new season.  Also Boba Tea & Treats is the only store to offer snow fluff in Dallas.  Try out our Bubble Tea!

boba drinks flavors

We have many different flavors and Boba toppings that you can add to literally everything.  We have different flavored poppers, jellies, and boba that you can add to your drinks.  There are so many possibilities you can create that create an surreal experience in your mouth.  First you sip then you chew your drinks.  There are no other drinks at any place like it.  We also make our toppings fresh twice daily, so you are getting the best of everything.  We use all natural ingredients in our drinks as well with real fruit and juices to make a tasty combo.

All our Bubble tea is made with love and we strive to make it better everyday.  Please give us your feedback on our boba tea drinks in Dallas as we welcome your feedback.  Feedback helps us make our drinks and service better everyday.  We welcome it.

Please visit our location by clicking the directions icon at the top.  Or you can call us anytime during business hours and we will direct you to our location.  Please join our email list as we give special promotions and access to our calendar for events and parties that we do throughout the year.

We have been making different boba teas for many years.  For more information on what is Boba tea visit here.

If you are wondering about the nutritional value of bubble tea, Nutritional Information

Not every bubble tea is exactly the epitome of a health drink, but we can make your drink healthy by ordering a smoothie that is made with real fruit.  We use strawberries, honeydew melon, bananas, mango, and watermelon in our smoothies.   Other options you can try is to substitute regular milk with almond/soy milk for more nutritional value.  Lastly, you can substitute the boba tapioca balls for red beans and add fiber to your diet.  These additions will add vitamins and minerals to your drink and make them every bit as tasty.

In the winter we feature hot and delicious beverages to warm you up in the cold bitter weather.   We try to improve your experience with a study and hangout lounge which is a great place to read, study for school, and talk with your friends while enjoying great boba drinks.


Visit us today at the Belt Line Location!